Refining the jig grinding process with the Moore 500 CPWZ

For the past 25 years FSG Tool & Die Ltd (based in Llantrisant, Wales) have been supplying sub-contract jig grinding capabilities to the manufacturing industry, this is a core part of FSG’s business. After substantial investment in other key areas, the decision was made to invest in new jig grinding technologies to continue to enhance the reputation the organisation has built for the quality and accuracy FSG bring to the surface, cylindrical and form grinding process.

Advances within jig grinding machinery meant that this would now support the modern manufacturing systems employed by FSG.

Finding the best fit solution

FSG were looking to refine their existing processes by seeking a solution that would enable them to operate on an unattended and continuous basis when needed. This would ultimately lead to an additional capacity capability. Heavy emphasis was placed on the need to maintain the supply of the highest quality of components. Compromise was not an option and would therefore allow FSG to develop existing client relationships and create new business opportunities.

NL Machine Tool Consulting Ltd have been working directly with FSG for the past 3 years, assisting them with new investment and sub-contract projects. It was natural that Norman Loughton’s (Director of NL Machine Tool Consulting) expertise within the jig grinding industry would be of assistance during the evaluation and selection process.

A lengthy fact finding process began where FSG reviewed all of the available manufacturers that could supply jig grinding machines that would potentially be the solution that they were looking for. Following a number of internal and external meetings, the decision was made to visit the Moore Tool Company, Inc. headquarters in Bridgeport, Connecticut USA to test the Moore 500 CPWZ Jig Grinding Machine, with Fanuc 31-A Control System.

Ian Slaughter, Business Improvement Manager with FSG Tool & Die Ltd, recalls “The first impressions of Moore were of a company that had a clear business plan to take them forward and place Moore Jig Grinders as the bench mark for excellence.”

During the visit FSG received a factory tour and a chance to use the Moore 500 CPWZ, grinding FSG’s production parts. It was clear that the superior build quality and attention to detail, would lead to a machine that would exceed all expectations and greatly enhance FSG’s capabilities.

After confidently reaching this decision, FSG took the decision to prepare the machine for an additional A + B axis (Tilting Rotary Axis) which will be supplied by Lehmann. This additional axis will allow FSG to refine its existing jig grinding process, along with developing new business. As well as this additional specification the main features of the Moore 500 CPWZ Jig Grinding Machine, with Fanuc 31-A Control System are:

  • X-Axis 500mm, Y-Axis 300mm, W-Axis 350mm, Z-Axis 140mm, Programmable U-Axis, 300kg table load capacity
  • Refrigerated Flood Coolant System
  • Electric Grinding Head Package
  • 20 Position Automatic Tool Changer
  • Renishaw OMP 400 Tool Probe
  • Process Monitoring
  • Motorised Rotary Dressing Station
  • Contact Detector Hearing Device
  • System 3R Workpal Compact 5 Pallet Automatic Loading System

Overcoming concerns

Potential concerns on the support and maintenance cover from overseas based machine tool manufacturers were quickly resolved through the support, maintenance and warranty package set up with Konecranes Machine Tool Service (UK service partner to NL Machine Tool Consulting Ltd and Moore Tool). Konecranes engineers were put through an extensive training programme at the Moore Tool Company facility. This process gave FSG the confidence that the Moore 500 CPZW Jig Grinding Machine will be fully supported through a UK based company and will exceed the capabilities currently offered by most UK based machine tool manufacturers.

The whole process from purchasing to servicing has been enhanced by the involvement of NL Machine Tool Consulting acting as the key link between Moore, System 3R, Konecranes and Camtek.

The future

The new Moore 500 CPWZ Jig Grinding Machine will not only allows FSG to boost existing capacity but also support the constant customer demand for more complex products. FSG has a global footprint in a number of key manufacturing sub sectors such as Medical, Packaging, Defence, and Automotive.

“All of these sub sectors share the same characteristics of constant innovation. For any company in the supply chains, the ability to offer this type of service is a differentiator.” States Gareth Jenkins, Managing Director of FSG Tool & Die Ltd.

To ensure that the demands of clients and service levels are met, FSG purchased the Moore’s Enhanced Accuracy Package. The results of this build philosophy at Moore are quite staggering and will allow FSG Tool & Die Ltd to continue to innovate and stay at the forefront of technical excellence.

For further information, please contact Norman Loughton, UK Sales Agent:

NL Machine Tool Consulting

T:  +44 (0)1908 675434

M: +44 (0)7944 401177




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