SCHAUBLIN Machine Tools Ltd

Precision is our passion

Schaublin Machine Tools Ltd is a CNC machine tool specialist supplying state-of-the-art high precision Micro, Conversational Programming Lathes, CNC Lathes, Turn / Mill and CNC Vertical Machining technology to UK & Ireland industries.

The company successfully serves all areas of the high precision manufacturing sector, offering leading solutions in:

  • Combined grinding/turning and milling machines
  • High¬†precision turning/hard turning machines
  • Long life high precision vertical machining centres

The Schaublin team of highly experienced applications engineers are available to provide customers with high levels of support during both the pre-sales and post sales period, supported in partnership by NL Machine Tool Consulting.

Schaublin are available to assist you in the following ways:

PROGRAMMING: Assistance and advice in optimising your part programming technique to minimise production cost by reducing cycle time

MACHINE SETTING: Assisting you in selecting the correct tooling and production method required

PRODUCTION STUDIES: During the pre-sales period our engineers will study your component drawings and provide you with a detailed cycle time production study

TRAINING: On site training of the safe correct manipulation and use of machine tool and accessories can be provided

Please contact NL Machine Tool Consulting for additional information on the Schaublin machine tool products.