STAHLI Lapping Technology Ltd

STaHLI Lapping Technology Ltd. Lapping, Polishing, Flathoning and Fine Grinding machines. Cylindrical lapping machines.STaHLI Lapping Technology Ltd is a world leader in surface finishing solutions.

Lapping, Polishing, Flathoning,  Fine Grinding, Cylindrical lapping machines.

Lapping or Polishing with free-rolling particles or Flathoning with bound particle diamond / CBN wheels

Fine grinding with conventional, SiC / corundum grinding wheels

Cylindrical Lapping or Polishing of cylindrical work-pieces — a choice of two systems:

  1. Twin wheel principal to nanotechnological tolerances
  2. Centerless lapping and polishing of larger work-pieces

STaHLI also offer sub-contract facilities.

Please see these short videos for more of an overview on STaHLI:

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