molemab - We shape your world

molemab – We shape your world

Molemab is an international industrial group that designs modern and efficient technological solutions in the abrasives field. The company’s goal is to offer its customers the confidence to work with the most reliable products.

Molemab offer high-quality, innovative products and grinding wheel solutions focused in the following areas:

Bonded Abrasives

  • Resinoid and vitrified bonded grinding wheels and segments
  • Honing and superfinishing stones
  • Regulating rubber bonded wheels for centreless grinding
  • Mounted points

Superabrasives (CBN and Diamond)

  • Resinoid bonded grinding wheels
  • Metal bonded grinding wheels
  • Vitrified bonded grinding wheels
  • Electroplated grinding wheels
  • Diamond dressers

As well as the solutions above, Molemab manufactures precision grinding wheels specifically for tool and cutter grinding.

NL Machine Tool Consulting work in partnership with Molemab (NL MTC working with Jowitt Grinding Wheels) to deliver such high precision abrasive technologies to the UK manufacturing and machine tool market.

For further information on Molemab products and services please contact NL Machine Tool Consulting.