Increase productivity by more that 30% with Stähli Lapping Technology

STaHLI Lapping Technology Ltd. Lapping, Polishing, Flathoning and Fine Grinding machines. Cylindrical lapping machines.

Continuous search for reduction of production costs, increase quality and cleaner production processes so that cleaning can be optimized are targets and in the focus of all production managers.

Stähli starts with the latest generation of 2-Wheel Flat Honing Machines in new dimensions!

Increase your productivity by more than 30% and shorten your return on investment through reduced capital commitment periods.

Stähli 2-Wheel Flat Honing Machines
The latest generation  Stähli DLM 705.

Latest process applications permit the production of delicate components on the 2-Wheel Flat Honing Machine, such as those that require single side operations.

The advantages:

The batch-processing yields the highest possible quality through process-driven manufacturing and realises  production times of less than 1.5 seconds per part. Savings in production time up to 60% are possible compared to conventional manufacturing methods.

Almost all materials can be machined

Due to innovative engineering technology supported by modern diamond or CBN working wheels, almost all materials, such as: plastics, nonferrous metals, steel in soft or hardened execution up to PCD or silicon nitride, can be machined inexpensively.


Whether it is consulting, sub-contract work, remote or local services, Stähli is your partner. Stähli’s products stand out and are noted for excellent performance and highest availability.

1-Wheel Flat Honing

Our single-side Flat Honing Machines with process control and size measuring syste

Stahli FLM 505-2R
The latest generation Stähli FLM 505.

m as well as loading and unloading tables are provided in the second generation. More and more single-lapping processes are converted by Stähli from the loose grain to the “clean lapping” process with diamond or CBN wheels.


Whether it’s our 1- or 2-Wheel Flat Honing Machines, Stähli helps you in the optimal choice of partial or full automation as well as in the integration into manufacturing lines or connections to deburring systems.

For further information please contact Norman Loughton, UK Sales Agent:

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