NL MTC helps to create interest and opportunity for their principles.

NL Machine Tool Consulting attended and accompanied a number of world leading machine tool manufacturers, that they have exclusive UK sales agency representation with, at the recent EMO Hannover, held during 19 to 24 September in Hannover, Germany.

EMO Hannover 2011

EMO Hannover is the leading trade fair for the machine tool industry and whilst economies are still tough, this years EMO was a huge success outlining the general rise and increase within the machine tool industry.

The event is truly the flagship fair for this industry and this was certainly demonstrated by some 2,037 exhibitors from 41 different countries. This coupled with attendee figures of 140,000 individuals from more than 100 countries gave the event a real international feel.

Norman Loughton of NL Machine Tool Consulting commented EMO Hannover certainly was buzzing with activity, with visitors talking confidently about the future. Many more visitors from the UK visited NL MTC Principles Booths than had been expected – with several new project enquiries being realized.”

As a result of attending EMO Hannover an order was conceptually discussed, scoped and placed for a Tacchella Elektra 1518 UA – High Precision Universal Grinding Machine, all within the timescale of the event. A further demonstration of the enhanced expertise and technical capabilities that NL MTC can provide clients and opportunities created for their Principles.

Huge interest and attention was focused on some of the leading, innovative manufacturers within the machine tool industry during the six day event. Some of the highlights came from the following exhibitors, who NL Machine Tool Consulting is proud to be the UK Sales Agent for and worked closely with during EMO Hannover:

IMT  S.p.A – TACCHELLA / MORARA / Meccanodora who jointly provide high precision external, universal & internal grinding solutions, exhibited the following products:

  • TACCHELLA Elektra Plus Universal Grinding machine, 2 x Ø 508mm external grinding wheels, high frequency internal grinding spindle, B-Axis wheel-head swivel, C-Axis. Max. Workpiece length 1000mm. Max. Workpiece dia. 350mm.
  • TACCHELLA MULTI-TECH Production Grinding Machine, with 2 independent wheel carriages. Workpiece length 600mm. Max. Workpiece diameter 350mm.
  • MORARA MT 500 Multimatic Simultaneous External / Internal Grinding Machine, max. Workpiece length 350mm. Max. Workpiece diameter 360mm.
  • MORARA Easy Quick “I”, Internal Grinding Machine, max. Workpiece length 700mm. Max. Workpiece diameter 350mm.
  • MECCANODORA VERTICAL ZERO, Grinding & Hard Turning Machine for transmission parts. Max. Workpiece Ø 200mm. Max. Thickness 350mm. 3 working stations for turning + 2 for grinding. Internal grinding spindle 30,000 rpm / 11.5kW. External grinding spindle 4,000 rpm / 18 kW

MOORE TOOL COMPANY Inc. is a leader in precision machine tool design and manufacture and complete line of Jig Grinding Machines and accessories. MOORE did not exhibit a machine, but demonstrated and displayed typical component sample parts and technical personnel were on hand to discuss jig grinding applications.

MONNIER + ZAHNER AG is a medical machinery specialist – honing / polishing machines. Bone screw & dental burr machinery. Gear hobbing & worm milling machines. During the 6 day event they exhibited:

  • M 663 Worm Grinding Machine
  • W 1000 Micro Gear Hobbing Machine
  • Koepfer MZ 130 Gear Hobbing Machine
  • M 647 Grinding Machine for Dental Burs

ROSA ERMANDO manufacture horizontal spindle surface grinding machines and displayed a STEEL Linear 11.7 CNC horizontal spindle surface grinding machine, with a grinding area 1.200 x 750 mm, linear motor driven table. This machine satisfies the growing  requests to reduce production time for work pieces where: profile grinding, interpolation of concave/convex and creep feed are the “daily bread”. The control unit CNC Rosa System 7,  Siemens® Sinumerik 840 DiE SL based.

Also on display a ROTOR 800 CN, rotary table grinding machine. A convenient solution to grind small parts for large quantity or cylindrical workpieces with big dimensions. The  ROTOR range can be supplied with rotary table diameters from 400 mm up to 1.500  mm. The ROTOR 800 CN control unit Siemens® Sinumerik 840 DiE SL and programming  surface ROSA SYSTEM 6 developed with user-friendly interface for both, manual and automatic grinding cycles.

SAET GROUP are a leader in heat treatment solutions, induction heating equipment / quench press machines. Saet did not exhibit a specific machine, however, their team were on hand to provide technical expertise throughout the fair.

STaHLI Lapping Technology Ltd manufacture lapping, polishing, flathoning and fine grinding machines and exhibited a brand new 2 wheel flathoning machine in “new dimensions”.

Curtis Machine Tools provides high precision grinding machines for “small parts” medium to large volume production and during EMO Hannover, exhibited a vector mk3 twin spindle, complete with auto load/unload – grinding turbo vane profiles.

Not only did the above exhibitors demonstrate innovation when it came to implementing solutions for their clients, but a key focus has been on sustainability and energy efficiency in production and this has been a high priority.  The EMO Hannover 2011 provided a hugely successful stage for NL Machine Tool Consulting and the manufacturers that they represent in the UK.

For further information, please contact Norman Loughton, UK Sales Agent:

NL Machine Tool Consulting

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