Greater control over the grinding process with the Tacchella Elektra Plus

During the last 4 years Cogsdill-Nuneaton Ltd has been investing in new technology CNC machinery. This was a strategic decision specifically for the company’s turning and milling requirements.  Cogsdill, who provide engineered speciality tooling solutions for the worldwide machine tool industry, have seen an increase in customer demand and their product offering has become more bespoke. Naturally there has been a progressive move to CNC Grinding but their components were getting bigger and more complex. They needed to look for a solution that would give them full CNC universal grinding capability and accommodate the size of components that their customers were now demanding.

Cogsdill sought the assistance and expertise of NL Machine Tool Consulting Ltd, a company that provides unique grinding, surface finishing, induction heating and washing solutions to UK industry, to identify a solution for their CNC grinding needs. Norman Loughton, Director of NL Machine Tool Consulting Ltd, worked with Alan Quinney, Works Manager of Cogsdill-Nuneaton Ltd, to propose a CNC universal grinding machine that would meet the demands of their increased and specialised workload.

The machine had to meet the strict criteria set by Cogsdill; the output of the product quality had to be consistently at a high level, cycle times had to be reduced, there needed to be greater control over the grinding process and certainly future proof their capability and investment.


The solution

Having understood this criteria and the need to grind a wide variety of components in small batch quantities; typically 1 >-5, ground both externally and internally with a diameter range of 5mm – 350mm and a length range of 50mm – 650mm, Norman Loughton recommended the IMT Tacchella Elektra Plus 1523 UA.

“From an operational standpoint, a key consideration when transitioning to a CNC universal grinding machine is the ease of use, programming and overall set-up. The Tacchella Elektra Plus 1523 UA certainly allows for this and maintains the highest possible standards of output” states Norman Loughton.

Tacchella Elektra Plus 1523 UA
Tacchella Elektra Plus 1523 UA

The IMT Tacchella Elektra Plus high precision universal grinding machine, with Fanuc 31i-A CNC control and T.O.P. Tacchella (Tacchella Operator Package) and interactive software, has a 230mm centre height and 1640mm grinding length and  is fitted with a high frequency internal grinding spindle. Importantly the Tacchella Elektra Plus 1523 UA is also equipped with:

  • 2 external grinding wheels 508 x 80 x 203.2mm
  • B – Axis wheel-head
  • Gap elimination device
  • Axial positioning device
  • Hydraulic operated tailstock enabling weights up to 250 Kg to be supported between centre’s
  • Live and dead centre work-head, allowing chucked work-pieces > 170 Kg

Keith Johnson Managing Director of Cogsdill-Nuneaton Ltd and Alan Quinney visited the Tacchella facilities in Cassine, Italy to establish at first-hand the benefits and advantage the Elektra Plus 1523 UA would bring to their business.



Alan Quinney of Cogsdill recalls “The pre acceptance of the machine, the pre installation requirements and communication was very straight forward. Both parties understood what was required of each other and the machine arrived on time on the agreed date.”

The IMT Tacchella Elektra Plus high precision universal grinding machine.
The IMT Tacchella Elektra Plus high precision universal grinding machine.

After off-loading and positioning the machine, the Tacchella engineer arrived to commission and then provide operator training.  This was all completed in a one working week period, after this time Cogsdill were in a position to continue to operate and improve their own understanding of the machine whilst simultaneously producing components.


Meeting expectations

The machine has performed well, Cogsdill have completed a large number and range of jobs using both the external and internal functions of the machine.  They have also undertaken a number of grinding operations using face plates 3 Jaw and magnetic chucks for work holding as well as grinding between centres.

It is accurate to report that Cogsdill now have greater control over their grinding process than previously experienced and the machine has meet all their expectations to date. The purchase, installation, training and on-going support have more than met Cogsdill’s expectations, a real testament to not only Norman Loughton’s ability to understand the customer’s concept but also Tacchella’s ability to manufacture and deliver a grinding machine that now allows Cogsdill to meet their customer demands.

For further information, please contact Norman Loughton, UK Sales Agent:

NL Machine Tool Consulting

T:  +44 (0)1908 675434

M: +44 (0)7944 401177



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