CA5 EVO boosts 5-axis tool grinding and resharpening centre

The SMP CA5 EVO Boost 5-axis Tool Grinding and Resharpening Centre equipped with a 720 mm table, large selection of accessories, powerful electro-spindle and Easy Grind “all in one” software, is a great machine covering all the needs of small to medium size cutting tools. Mounted with a six position grinding wheel magazine as standard (18 positions optional) the CA5 from French manufacturer SMP TECHNIK is able to unload / load a new wheel in less than five seconds, providing an installation of six grinding wheels of 150 mm diameter.

The rigid nozzle tool cooling system consists of a standard cooling system with two nozzles, with a possible extension of an additional cylinder controlled cooling system.

CA5 EVO boost with robot loader

The HSK40, HSK50 or HSK 10 to 25 Kw high frequency electro spindles are speed adjustable up to 12,000 rpm and include a self-cooling system The 500mm long table provides enough space to install all necessary accessories such as tailstock, fixed steady and diamond grinding system. The SA50 workpiece holder, combined with a direct drive motor with encoders, developing a high speed of 650 rt/mn, allows all resharpening operations.

Renishaw tool probing enables the tool detecting and measuring system to ensure the best resharpening and the best grinding, providing regularity in tool shapes. Due to the heavy mineral casting bed underneath, the machine is vibration proof, offering better rigidity and providing a much better tool surface and finish. EasyGrind full option software is included as standard. This allows programming of all types of cutting tools, from standard tools, complex tools, special applications, 5-axis rectification, drills, radius cutters, taps, mills and reamers to medical tools, form milling cutters and drive tools.

Additional options include: a Renishaw wheel sensor can be mounted inside the machine, allowing the follow up and offset of wheel wear without human intervention; manual tailstock to enable horizontal and vertical adjustment to support long tools during the resharpening operation; a CNC control steady rest that behaves like a 6th axis, controlled by the CN, necessary for steadying very long tools to maintain the quality of the operation.

A robot charger can act as a 6th axis to perform automatic tasks such as changing tools and grinding wheels. The standard version accommodates 200 tool rack/batch, of 16 mm diameter or 104 tools of 32 mm diameter and tool length up to 250 mm.

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