Ultra Precision Jig Grinding

The Moore Tool Company manufactures and remanufactures a complete line of jig grinders and has a high-end, ultra-precision manufacturing business certified to ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C. The company is ITAR registered.

Moore’s tool business builds fully automated and highly productive CNC Continuous Path jig grinders. The company offers a complete line of machine accessories, including the ProGrind system which includes electric grinding spindles, flood coolant enclosures, as well as advanced sensor-based systems such as Moore Autogrind and the patented Moore Autosize®.

Moore’s precision manufacturing business specialises in aerospace and defence related machining including 5-axis milling and ultra-precision jig grinding. In addition, Moore designs and manufactures tooling for the food packaging, metal stamping and plastics forming industries.

Founded in 1924 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA, the Moore Tool Company has a long history of providing precision machine tools and measuring machines to the world’s most demanding customers, people who need to machine and measure parts to increasingly tighter tolerances.

When effectively integrated into other machining operations including EDM and high-speed milling, utilising manual or automatedpartpalletisingsystemsolutions, the enhanced capabilities of today’s jig grinders can create new opportunities for existing customers and open the doors to completely new markets. Moore Tool is continually enhancing the productivity of its range of jig grinders, making them more user-friendly and relevant in today’s tool room and higher volume production environments. While building the world’s most accurate grinding machines has been and continues to be the foundation of

Moore’s long term success, a cornerstone of its strategy is to help define customer- specific processes and to help customers to fully utilise all the advances in technology in order to create better parts, faster and at a lower cost. Through collaboration with Moore’s experienced Applications

Tool has updated its sensor system by integrating the very latest in acoustic emission sensor technology. This is fully integrated with Moore AutoSize® and enables dynamic measurement of effective wheel diameter as well as automatic compensation of wheel edge to part edge.

Department, Customers are discovering more and more innovative ways to cost- effectively utilise jig grinding in their most critical operations.

In response to customer’s requests, Moorehasintroducedanumberofgrinding innovations, including the Moore ProGrind® platform to support both small and large scale production runs. These new features help empower manufacturers to realise even greater efficiency whilst still achieving sub-micron positioning and surface finishes. Moore ProGrind features a powerful electric grinding spindle and coolant system that provides dramatically improved stock removal rates, better surface finishes and longer tool life. With ProGrind, companies are grinding with greater confidence, both attended and unattended. The machines are completely CE-compliant and use state- of-the-art sensor technology, including remote listening and monitoring capability. Constant torque is maintained throughout the speed range of 10,000 to 60,000 rpm. Other time saving enhancements include a 20 position automatic tool changer for unattended operations.

for the precise finishing of holes and contours. This allows unattended cycles and, in an ideal environment, repeatability to within 3-5 microns.

Moore has also worked with Renishaw to implement the latest advances in Renishaw’s measuring system. The new OMP400 together with Moore’s custom macros high levels of measurement levels can be integrated into the grinding cycles.

The company has also worked with Fanuc to develop the Fanuc 3Ii-a control into the highest performing CNC available for jig grinders today.

Moore Tool jig grinding machines are available in three models: CPZ, CPZ-E and CPWZ. To find out more, visit the Moore Tool stand at GrindTec.

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