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Elektra UA Internal Image
Elektra UA Internal Spindle

The new Elektra Universal Grinding Machine by IMT Tacchella, with OD grinding wheels diameter 508 mm and maximum width 100 mm, has been developed with new CNC controls and new wheel head configurations.

The Elektra covers grinding lengths of 600, 1200 and 1700 mm with center heights of 180, 230 and 260 mm and is equipped with a torque motor B-Axis for the automatic swiveling of the wheel head, offered in five different executions, freely programmable through the CN control FANUC 32i or SIEMENS 840D sl.

Image of Elektra UA 4 External Wheels
Elektra UA 4 External Wheels

The unit for ID grinding can be specified with tools up to 120 mm diameter, and with three models of electro spindles is capable to cover a tool rotational range from 4000 to 60000 rpm.

Image of Elektra UA Internal/External Wheels
Elektra UA Internal/External Wheels

The brand-new work head, driven by a integrated torque motor (C-axis), and the new hydraulic tailstock enable the Elektra to grind round, non-round and polygonal work pieces weighing up to 250 Kg between centers.

The cutting edge TACCHELLA Elektra UA universal allows grinding of complex, high precision work pieces with excellent results.

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